CRP-N0681F / HP (Digitaler Dampfdruck) Reiskocher CRP-N0681F / HP (Heating Plate) Pressure Rice Cooker

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HP (Digitaler Dampfdruck) HP (Heating Plate) Pressure

CUCKOO rice cooker CRP-N0681F

Heiztechnik HP (Digitaler Dampfdruck)
Maße (HxWxL)(mm) 330 x 340 x 446
Gewicht Net 5.9Kg / Gross 7.1Kg
Strom 220-240V 50Hz
Leistung 890W (kochend)
Kapazität 1.08L (bis zu 6 cups)
Farbe Rot/Weiss
Hergestellt in Süd Korea

 Heating Technic Heating Plate (HP) Pressure
Size(HxWxL)(mm) 330 x 340 x 446
Weight Net 5.9Kg / Gross 7.1Kg
Power 220-240V 50Hz
Wattage 890W (cooking)
Capacity 1.08L (up to 6 cups)
Color Red & White
Country of Origin South Korea


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